The gift of giving in Ramadan

Islam is the second largest religion in the world and charity is one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat is a charity that purifies one’s wealth by giving to the less fortunate. It provides contentment to the giver and evokes gratitude in the receiver. In the holy month of Ramadan charity is a divine way in which one can connect with the infinite love of God Almighty.

We at Paradise Planet Earth recently experienced happiness and contentment by giving mini bags of rice for 100 poor people of Saburi under Jiwa ward of FCT (Federal Capital Territory Abuja Nigeria). Most of them were widows with little children to feed. Jiwa is a Hausa Community in the Abuja Municipal Area Council.

The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja and it was mainly built in the 1980s. Today, it is one of the prosperous urban areas in entire Africa. However, many believe that infrastructural development in Abuja concentrates singularly in the metropolitan city and completely ignores all the towns across the Area Council. There has been a steady stream of complaints pouring in from the residents on account of the lack of basic necessities and amenities. The focus of these complaints revolves around educational institutions, primary healthcare facilities, potable water, power supply and sanitation which are the basic needs of the residents.

It is important that the Federal Government extend its help to improve the infrastructure of the Abuja satellite towns as it will enable to decongest the already saturated City Centre. There are different revenue sources at the disposal of the city’s administrators in the form of property tax, monthly allocations from the federation account, national budgetary allocation etc… that could improve the living conditions of the less fortunate inhabitants. However, it mostly fails to reach everywhere and fulfill the needs of the poor. Whatever reaches the less fortunate ones after all the allocations always fall short.

Saburi is a community under Jiwa ward in the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). It is located along the Dei-Dei road about 37 km from the City Centre. The community comprises mostly of farmers and is one of the poorest settlements in Nigeria. It lacks the basic necessities and amenities and henceforth, the living conditions are extremely bad. Saburi is a slum in dire need of help.

Islam says “The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others”

We at Paradise Planet Earth are dedicated to doing our best to improve the lives of the less fortunate people in Africa and that is the reason why we sourced rice from a local farm in Nigeria which will add to the economic growth rather than patronizing the popular imported rice in the common Nigeria market. The rice was purchased from Hafaz Integrated Farm Limited and we would like to extend our appreciation to them for organizing volunteers for the distribution in Jiwa. We did not just give we poured our love and gratitude in our giving (remembering the words of Mother Theresa).

A quote from Maya Angelou would be ideal to end this post,

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully everyone is blessed”

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