One day can change your life

I am awake. Or am I dreaming?
It hurts. Why is it hurting?
I know I am awake but, why can I not see?
What is on my face?
Where is my family?

Adekunle is finally waking up to the reality of his life.

“One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is three or four big days that change everything.”

― Beverly Donofrio

It was a beautiful morning and the sound of Fajr (early morning Muslim prayer) at 5:30 am woke Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle. He and his wife woke up their children, performed their morning routines and read the Bible. Once the kids got ready to head to school, as a loving dad who prided in providing well for his family he gave them extra money for lunch. As the morning progressed he listened patiently and lovingly to his wife mentioning about household requirements and about their children’s needs. Being a good husband and father was something he relished and devoted his life for.

Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle was a delivery truck boy. In Nigeria, delivery truck boys travel with heavy loaded trucks from one state to another. Sometimes they go as far as 48 hours or even more on the road as these trucks are driven all day and all night on the Nigerian difficult roads. Mostly you’ll find these truck boys sitting on top of the heavily loaded trucks risking their lives as these trucks struggle to gain balance on the terrible busy roads filled with potholes. Their main purpose of being in these trucks is to help offload the goods when the truck finally reaches its destination.

He never wished to be a truck boy. In fact, nobody ever wishes to be a truck boy but the worsened economic crisis of Nigeria which has led to increasing unemployment forced many into such degraded and unsafe labor. After he got himself ready for the day he teased his pregnant wife about their unborn child. They laughed together and he promised her that on the way back from the trip he would buy all the needed baby stuff to get ready for the little one. They were excited about the new addition to their family who would bring in more love and joy.

He left home and she smiled at his retreating back. His promises and love would illuminate her next 48 hours until he came back to his family. With a prayer on her lips for her family, she went on with her day.

Adekunle’s truck had traveled 24 hours and finally, the truck driver decided to stop on the roadside to spend the night. Adekunle and another truck boy with him rolled out a mat under the truck to sleep. It was a stormy night and they were sound asleep. The stormy weather and lightning cut off a live electric cable from a high tension electric pole. The live cable wire fell on the wet ground right under the truck where Adekunle and his colleague were sleeping peacefully. The instant electrocution killed his colleague on the spot. Adekunle survived but with an injury that has since then prevented him from looking at the mirror.

His entire face was disfigured. He lost his eyes and nose and looks like the victim of an acid attack. He lost his sight and along with that his ability to earn. What was his mistake? Stepping out to work so that he could bring food and necessities to his family?

It has been a long dark waiting period of 4 years for Adekunle and his family. The only miracle in this period was that they were blessed with a healthy kid without the need for any C section and in an interview, he expressed his gratitude to God for his wife’s safe and normal delivery. As of now, his face requires a reconstructive surgery that would enable him to move forward in his life and provide for his family.

I request each and every one of you with a compassionate heart to contribute whatever you can so that we could make it possible for him and his family to move forward. Paradise PlanetEarth has already made a donation but, that amount is not enough. Also if there is a Plastic Surgeon who can volunteer to perform the Reconstructive Surgery please contact us.

Now you must be thinking he has given up on life. The spirit this man carries in his heart will fill you with pride and also motivation. Because after the accident that destroyed his life he enrolled himself into a school for the blind run by an NGO (Non-Government Organization). After finishing the school in Ijebu Igbo at Ogunbajo area he was referred to the Vocational training school in Lagos. It was a place where he could learn about soap making and bead making and would be able to eventually provide for his family. However, he has been rejected an admission there owing to the fact that the strong chemicals used there would further decay his face. A face reconstruction is not just an aesthetic requirement for him it is a lifeline that would enable him to move past his tragedy and provide for his family.

This is the story of a man who has not yet given up on his life and his family despite his tragic setbacks. His strength and willpower should not only evoke a fire in us to strive ahead but also should inspire us to help him.

“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’

No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Or Donate Directly to Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle Account

Account Name: Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle
Account Number: 0137765899 –
Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB), Nigeria

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  • Agava Barituka
    Posted at 22:47h, 16 November Reply

    This is touching and motivating. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like for him.

  • Abbah abubakar
    Posted at 09:59h, 17 November Reply

    Touching and sad but truly inspiring.

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