Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle’s Journey So far

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”
― Shannon L. Alder

It’s been years since the tragic accident that left Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle blind and facially disfigured while on the course of working on a rainy day. To touch briefly on the incident, Adekunle, a delivery truck boy had been on the road for all day long when the truck driver decided to stop on the roadside to spend the night. Adekunle and another truck boy who had also taken the journey rolled out a mat under the truck to sleep. It was a stormy night and the men were soon sound asleep.

The stormy weather and lightning cut off a live electric cable from a high-tension electric pole. The live cable wire fell on the wet ground right under the truck where Adekunle and his colleague were sleeping peacefully. The instant electrocution killed his colleague on the spot. Adekunle survived but with an injury that has since deformed his face.

After the accident, Adekunle reached out to PHCN and they helped foot the initial hospital bills, a piece of iron equipment was put in his nostrils to open up his airways and help with breathing, but more was needed to help with a full facial reconstructive surgery. He reached out once again to PHCN but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

He resorted to taking care of his wounds locally, cleaning up his sores through the crude means of methylated spirit and cotton wool. His family suffered through the ordeal as their breadwinner laid wounded and dejected. Basic necessities like feeding and clothing became an ordeal for them and it seemed that all hope was lost.

A radio presenter named Peter heard of his travails and invited him to his programme to share his story. Snippets of the program were recorded on video and shared on the radio station’s official Instagram page. This was how Paradiseplanetearth discovered his story, reached out to Peter who linked us up with Adekunle, and in true adherence to our core values we lent a helping hand and made his burden our burden.

Through the donations, we have sourced from our company and dozens of helping hands, both known and anonymous, we have been able to provide discounted medical assistance to help manage his wounds at UCH Ibadan and also provide financial assistance for him and his family.

Today, Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle has come a long way from being the dejected young man whose world had seemed to end to a man filled with gratitude, faith, and hope whose story continues to inspire people within and outside Nigeria. Adekunle still needs $27,398 for facial reconstructive surgery but with your continuous generosity, we strongly believe the future is bright for him.

In this video, Adekunle expresses his utmost gratitude in his native Yoruba:

In the first video, Mr. Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle shows his appreciation for the Paradise Planet Earth team and all the donors.

The second video shows Mr. Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle meeting with the doctor at the university college hospital, Ibadan for the maintenance treatment of his facial wound.

To donate towards Adekunle’s facial reconstructive surgery, kindly pay into our PayPal account:

Or Donate Directly to Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle Account

Account Name: Oguntade Oluremi Adekunle
Account Number: 0137765899 –
Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB), Nigeria

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