My trip to Seychelles

Seychelles is simply landing on water. Many of the beaches are untouched by man’s influence and are refreshingly uncrowded. They offer clear blue skies and a tranquility I have not seen in any other place. The next day after my arrival I and friends went on early morning hike along the coastline from Beau Vallon to Anse Major which too about 1.5-2 hours our reward was a small deserted beach that’s fit for a king.

The scenery along the hike was breathtaking. then a trip to Aldabra Atoll: The world’s largest coral atoll that stretches about 22 miles east to west and encloses a huge tidal lagoon. Aldabra is the original home of the giant land tortoise and tiger sharks and manta rays can also often be seen here. (See photo of Manta ray below and check @paradise.planetearth on Instagram for more photos )

I drove to see the colorful Indian Temple in Mahe. I felt very influenced by the magical look of the colorful piece of architecture, It looks to me like one from the magical world in a fairytale “cute and charming” Its a look that has hugely impacted my perception of beauty. I’m certain the temple never fails to cast a spell on every traveler. (See pictures below and check @paradise.planetearth on Instagram for more photos)

I spent other days engaging ourselves with awesome water sports: The warm Indian Ocean waters make Seychelles the perfect place for the water enthusiasts. Yacht, power boat, catamaran or sailboat. Windsurfing is some of the fun I shared with other tourist and friends and wished could last forever. I was told the best time for this activity is usually around May than in October, But the weather was equally friendly at the time of my visit (August).

I also enjoyed diving and fishing with some locals as such activities can be done almost anywhere in Seychelles. Beau Vallon beach was superb – I left myself an empty day and walk the beach for a ‘last minute’ Paradise feel of nature abundance this beautiful Island offer, I picked amazing shaped and colored shells for family and friends and nature blessed me with extra gift on that very day (my last day in Seychelles) I spotted a wide array of tropical fish, sea turtles, eagle rays and more as I walk along the beach picking my shells.

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