My Trip to Salalah

It is said that when you surrender to Universe you will be guided. Sometimes the most miraculous moments in your life are unplanned and unexpected. Such was my trip to the beautiful Salalah. I had just lost my job that I had invested a big part of my time energy and life into. Soon after that, I was informed that my youngest sister would be getting married and being the breadwinner of the family all the financial responsibilities were mine. I did not realize how much the office politics had affected me until it resulted in my termination that left me feeling utterly exhausted and broken. The feeling of dismay was so overwhelming that I could not even comprehend what to do. Where do I go and how do I deal with this were questions that echoed throughout in my head.

It was during that time of despair where I decided that I ought to pick myself up and feel positive again. That is when a thought of my friend in Muscat crossed my mind. He is a citizen of Oman and we had become friends during my previous trip to Muscat. I rang him up and said I want to see the beauty and wonders of the nature in Salalah. We quickly planned my trip to Muscat with the subsequent flight to Salalah. The entire stretch I was getting ready for this trip all I could think about was “if Salalah is truly as beautiful and rich in nature as I have heard, I might find solace and pick myself up again”.

Salalah was everything I’d been told and more, it is my promised land. I had never before seen this much of chlorophyll in nature as seen in Salalah. Its mountains and land are all covered in lush green and within them is hidden the beauty of waterfalls with an abundance of what looks like emerald stones sluiced down forming a riverbed of green satin. Salalah inspired me to write many quotes, poems and inspirational stories some of which can be found in our Instagram blog @Paradise.planetearth

We drove for above an hour uphill to see the very famous Tawi Ateer Sinkhole and Teeq Cave. Tawi Ateer Sinkhole was discovered in 1997. It is one of the largest sinkholes in the world, with a capacity of about 975 thousand cubic meters. It has a diameter between 130 to 150 meters and depth measuring 211 meters.

Teeq Cave is near the top of the sinkhole. Its capacity is about 170 thousand cubic meters and has no less than six entrances, the largest of which is the Western entrance and wall which can be seen from the top of Teeq sinkhole. You can reach that entrance along narrow paths located off the main trail. From those paths, you can enjoy panoramic views of the cave.

I also journeyed to Jabal (Mount) Samhan, one of the tallest mountains in the region. Jabal Samhan has an area of 4,500 square kilometers and its height is 2,100 meters. I challenged myself by climbing to the top of the mountain and sitting on a stone edge at the top, looking down at sea and land. In those moments of tranquillity, I felt at peace and had a sensation that I was flying. In that instant of silence, I surrendered to the beauty of Mother Nature. (See quote and message inspired by Job’s tomb

As I continued my journey my company and tour guide randomly suggested that I visit the Tomb of Job (Nabil Ayyoub). Having read the religious stories about the prosperity and adversity of Job and how he kept his faith in God through it all I felt strongly connected to Job. I took upon their suggestion and on arriving at the Tomb of Job I was completely in awe of nature and its wonders. Not that I was certain that the tomb was of Job but the weather around the location and the scent of life were completely different from the other places in the city. The scenery was truly breathtaking. One can easily feel the difference in the air as you’re ascending a few kilometers to the tomb. It was foggy and I could barely see around but the irresistible fresh scent and warmth in the air enveloped me in absolute comfort. It was that moment when I truly surrendered myself to the Universe. The location was truly blessed and the moments I spent there made me realize that I am blessed too to experience all of it.

I’m convinced that if we hold on to faith and positive thoughts regardless of our adversities we can experience true wonders in our lives as I experienced in the nature around Job’s tomb. It is important to hold on to hope and radiate positivity. (See quote and message inspired by Job’s tomb @Paradise.planetearth)

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