Salami O. Ibrahim

Ibrahim Olalekan Salami is a dedicated realtor, entrepreneur and philanthropist with years of experience in real estate and real estate investment. He also has a penchant for humanitarian services, caregiving, and nature, which has led him to found Paradise Planet Earth, an organization set up to contribute to the protection and conservation of the earth through giving back to the society.


Through this organization, he has been able to reach different persons in need including women and children across different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Focusing more on Africa at the moment. In a recent visit to Kenya, the organization donated clothes, food and school supplies to kids who were in dire need of these.


Not long ago, a similar gesture was extended to residents of a slum in Lagos, Nigeria. These shows of kindness have previously been done as well in Uganda, South Africa, Oman, and a few other countries. He’s keen on visiting more countries to do more.


His love for nature and its beauty is extraordinary and this, he has expressed by his recent adoption of a baby elephant who was orphaned by poachers in Kenya and the adoption of a palm tree in Nigeria, which is geared towards protecting Mother Earth. Previously, he has helped in the rescue of an endangered species of sea turtle and is presently helping to create awareness to locals on the need to safeguard these beautiful creatures.


Ibrahim is an advocate of love and encourages every individual to see themselves as global citizens and do the little they can at every point to build a better society and a better environment.