A taste of paradise – Lake Naivasha

It is said that sometimes you should let go and let life surprise you. Well, that is what happened to us when we changed our plans and headed to Lake Naivasha. It was a moment where life pleasantly surprised me.

After visiting the Volcano Mountains that Kenya is known for we thought to return to Nairobi. At that moment, my teammate and friend Mitchell who is also a local mentioned that Lake Naivasha is nearby. So we felt that as we are already here and the lake is just a 1-hour drive away, let us go there. Well, the drive was way longer than one hour as the roads were sprinkled with potholes and after 2 hours of bumpy journey, we reached the beautiful Lake Naivasha.

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Was the 2 hours drive worth it? Oh yes, absolutely worth it. It is one of the only two fresh-water lakes in the Kenyan Rift. The name Naivasha comes from the local Maasai name Nai’posha, meaning “rough water”. Lake Naivasha is home to more than 400 species of birds and animals like buffalo, hippopotamus, giraffe and even impalas.

I could not believe I was actually on earth. It looked like a fantasy painting and if I blinked it would vanish. We hired a boat and enjoyed a heavenly ride in Naivasha.A quote from the Turkish novelist and playwright, Mehmet Murat ildan came to my mind when I felt the peace of the lake “If the lake sees the ocean, it will want big waves! If the ocean sees the lake, it will want calm days that last for years!”

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There are days when I am ticking off one after the other tasks on my to-do list and I am pushing myself to do more and be more and this moment in Naivasha where my heartbeat synced with the calmness of the lake was excatly what my soul wanted. That is exactly why the Universe led me to Lake Naivasha.

The boat ride in which I immersed in the scenic beauty felt like a kind of meditation. I could hear the wings of the many birds flapping. So beautiful and majestic and free. We spotted the Double-crested cormorant sitting on a bare tree. These birds usually feed on fish and catch them in shallow water.

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Egyptian goose gave us a passing glance. It seemed like he was aware that the ancient Egyptians considered his ancestors to be sacred. He is a vision with his yellow-orange eyes and sunrise colored feathers. It is said that these birds mate for life.

We saw Grey Herons waiting patiently for prey and a squadron of American White Pelicans. It is breathtaking to watch a Pelican soar high in the sky. I would call these birds majestic flyers.

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I wanted to jump in the lake and swim with the fishes and soar high in the sky with the birds and live in this peaceful paradise forever. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I now know why thousands of people have Lake Naivasha in their bucket list. It is an experience that truly changes you as a person.

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“The sky loves lakes rather than oceans because it finds the opportunity to watch itself in the crystal clear mirrors of the lakes!”
Mehmet Murat ildan


Photo Credit: Mynscape Photography

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